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Dec 2, 2013 3:30am PST
then it was like to make jean paul gaultier for ermez. no, sorry, to make ermez through the eyes of jean paul gaultier. i love that. then there was a death. it was seven years after our collaboration. i think it was good to go in, because my life was not with ermez. it was for my own company. so we changed. we pushed. spanish rudes, perfume routes. sounds very good to my ears. i am a quite truthful person >. >> is there always going to be a controversial side of jean paul gaultier? there was a time when you were inspired by rabbis. i believe you're in new york, there were a bunch of rabbis he saw walking by the public library, you turned it into a collection. you must have known this was dramatic and would be alarming to people. >> i should say that in some way, i think i have a kind of innocence. like that is not that big part of me. when it is beautiful, i believe in it. i saw it was beautiful. i wanted to show it. for me, it was so strong, the impression. it was beautiful. and with a lot of meaning for me. it was meaning for people like a minority can come together strong and imp
Dec 3, 2013 2:30pm PST
. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is paul wormer and i think i'm wearing two hats here for the moment. i will start with representing the pacific heights residents association; which has -- i think it's now for the fourth time or the third time -- i forget. come before you to say the 3 jackson is an important line in our community and we encourage you to preserve that service. i spoke with bill hudson for the presidio heights association of neighbors, which is just across the border on presidio street where the 3 jackson provides service and same concern in that area, abandoning the neighborhood that is very dependent for a number of reasons on the 3. with that, representing my neighborhood organization and referencing a neighboring one, i would like to say for my own personal observation, that it's very important when you look at the bus service. it's not just the number of people riding and it's not just the peak service periods that are critical. it's what is the population that is being served? and you have heard from the chinatown community, and from the 3 jackson comm
Dec 2, 2013 2:30am PST
have this program and conversation between susie and jean paul gaultier. i feel very fortunate at the fine arts museum because in fact susie mencus' son lives in the bay area and she comes frequently to visit the family. it is always my favorite time of in the exhibition, when she comes and i get to walk through the exhibition with her. it is so learnful. i wanted to share that opportunity with the rest of the bay area. one of my favorites, during the laurent exhibition, one of my favorite moments is one suzy stopped in her tracks. she said, this is it, this is what is true of any great artist or any great designer. when they do something, it can be shocking and avant-garde, but years later, we stand and look at it and believe it has always existed. i think that this is true of jean paul gaultier's work. i know that have been friends for a very long time. it is my honor to introduce both suzy menkes, fashion editor of the international herald tribune, and mr. jean paul gaultier. [applause] >> the love seat. [laughter] i just want to know, can you hear me? please shout loudly if you ca
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3